Nuestros misioneros y personal

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  • Eric and Lisa Weaver

    Eric serves Camino by overseeing the historical archives as well as supervising mail/package distribution for the staff and missionary body. 

  • Roger and Judy Raymer

  • Brian and Jennifer Masters

    Brian loves business and ministry. He feels satisfied and useful when they both intersect in areas that he deeply believes in, so that he can get involved by leading and being responsible to both relate with others to accomplish the task while intuitively forecasting the future direction needed.

  • Douglas and Gloria Livingston

    As president, Douglas is focused on defining and communicating the vision of Camino Global as well as leading the mission in fulfilling faithfully that vision. Also, he is responsible for working out synergistic partnerships and securing the necessary resources for Camino Global accomplish our vision.

  • Jon and Jan Edwards

    Serving in member care at Camino Dallas.

  • Steve Forman

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